MAS TI Academy

  • MAS Tarbiyah & Ilm Academy
  • MAS Tarbiyah & Ilm Academy

Past Seminar

  • July 23-24, 2011 in Anaheim, CA
    Living the Prophetic Legacy in Our Times

    A weekend intensive seminar with instructors Dr. Tariq Ramadan and Dr. Imad Bayoun. This seminar will highlight the significance of the Prophet Muhammad's legacy (peace be upon him) on some of today's most important issues...

What is TI Academy?

Tarbiyah & Ilm Academy, as a project of the Muslim American Society (MAS), offers quarterly intensive seminar series on various topics related to spirituality, activism, and tarbiyah; core aspects of the MAS Youth department.

TI Academy seeks to provide quality educational seminars for young activists seeking to strike a balance between their work, studies, and activism.